robot barista

    COFE+ Robot Cafe

    Machine size:1800mm*1300mm*2180mm

    Machine weight:800kg

    The rating voltage:110~240V

    The rating power:3500W


    Bright kitchen

    The industry's first fully transparent beverage making that meets the food business license-customers can see the whole robot barista process, and patented anti-insect and anti-bacterial technology, so that customers can drink at ease.

    Food safety

    Robot Cafe automatic pipeline cleaning and disinfection, powder road anti-caking, constant temperature dehumidification and comprehensive antibacterial sterilization in food production area.

    Insect proof and repellent

    automatic wind-resistance, insect-proof, integrated insect-repellent.

    COFE+ Robot barista
    COFE+ Robot barista

    Beverage category

    COFE+ Robot barista can make more than 50 kinds of drinks, each of which is optional for body, sweetness, ice, and flavor

    Coffee module

    Two kinds of coffee beans are optional at the same time, fresh milk is kept fresh for 72 hours

    Bionic robot arm

    Robot coffee machine's bionic high-performance four-axis manipulator supports polymorphic fusion of powder, milk and pulp

    Precise ice making module

    Immediately ice making, accurate and quantitative ice output, multiple ice volume options

    Cup dropping module

    supports two types of plastic and paper cups, supports two specifications of 16oz and 12oz, more specifications can be customized

    Precise pulping module

    multi-channel simultaneous pulping, comparable to the taste of coffee drinks made by a man-made barista

    robot coffee
    robot coffee

    Flexible capping module

    automatic flexible capping technology, supports two types of hot and cold cups, and supports full cups

    Large-capacity waterway milk way

    Realize six buckets of 18.9L water, realize the antibacterial preservation of 40L milk, and make more than 300 cups of coffee with one feeding

    Ordering screen

    Support full payment methods, online remote booking, customizable outdoor ordering screen to prevent rainstorms, customizable voice smart ordering

    Smart store brain

    Through the Internet of Things technology, it can count robot barista revenue and expenditure in time, monitor the status of whole robot barista equipment and ingredients, and implement remote control. Use consumption data management to conduct market analysis and proactively improve and optimize services.

    More about Software

    Robot cafe machine data management software
    Robot coffee structure



    Robot cafe machine

    Machine size 1800mm*1300mm*2180mm
    Machine weight 800kg
    The rating voltage 110~240V customizable
    The rating power 3500W
    The peak power 5000W
    Coffee bean storage 2 coffee bean containers
    Bean container standard volume 1.2kg. customizable
    Cup type 12 or 16oz /  paper or plastic cup


    Coffee Menu

    Robot coffee machine menu list

    • We have more than 50 kinds of coffee and non-coffee flavors. We can not only provide classic coffees such as American coffee, American latte, cappuccino, Japanese green tea coffee, French Ole, and other special coffees from all over the world, as well as chocolate drinks and western styles. Milk tea can be selected, support personalized customization of coffee bean type, ice cube amount, drink temperature, garland shape, choice of syrup and top decoration…


    Cofe+ Robot Coffee Kiosk can be wildly used in Commercial Street , Shopping Mall, Office Building, Metro Station, Airport,Museum, Theme Park etc.

    • shopping mall
    • Airport
    • Train Station
    • Office Building

    Wireframe Size

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      robot barista
      COFE+ Robot Cafe

      Machine size:1800mm*1300mm*2180mm

      Machine weight:800kg

      The rating voltage:110~240V

      The rating power:3500W

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