2022 China International Import Expo COFE+ Robot Café Metaverse Concept Released


    The 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) is in full swing in Shanghai from November 5-10. For four consecutive years, the world's leading COFE freshly ground coffee robot has been invited to participate in this world exhibition. On November 8, the industry-famous Shanghai Helium Dolphin Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. officially announced at the launch of new products at the Expo: COFE, a new generation of fully intelligent robotic coffee kiosks with a metaverse concept, has been successfully upgraded and tested. After the expo, it will be promoted to the world.

    Shanghai Helium Dolphin Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's first high-tech leading enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and operation of "all-intelligent robot coffee kiosk COFE", with 70 domestic and foreign patents. In recent years, "unmanned cafes" have begun to develop explosively around the world, and Shanghai Helium Dolphin Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leader in the industry. As the "Internet celebrity" of the CIIE, Shanghai Helium Dolphin Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. has participated in the exhibition with the latest version of the robot coffee kiosk for three consecutive years, showing the new business model and subversive innovative concept of "unmanned cafe" to the world.

    As the world's leading fully intelligent robot coffee kiosk cofe, it can 100% replicate the exquisite craftsmanship of human professional coffee masters, realize freshly ground drips, freshly extracted cups, and taste 100% comparable to international famous coffee chain stores. This is the world's first coffee robot whose taste surpasses that of human professional baristas. It can be described as a historic breakthrough in the global coffee industry. It caused a sensation in the industry as soon as it came out, and won the European theBest Top Product Innovation Award. Cofe was not only specially invited by the two sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to show artificial intelligence into life to all the delegates, but also received extensive reports from Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, European, American and Japanese financial media.

    Helium Dolphin's flagship product, the COFE robot coffee kiosk, has become the first batch of robot coffee kiosks in China to obtain a fresh food business license after a year-long rigorous inspection and evaluation by the food safety expert team of the China Administration for Market Regulation. At the prototype product stage, it has already begun to take the lead in exporting to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. At present, COFE robot coffee kiosks have been installed in Shanghai government, hospitals, universities, airports, shopping malls, etc. in China, "24-hour coffee shop that never closes", "popular coffee shop in the next ten years", "champion quality, Civilian price", which has been well received by consumers.

    OFE robot coffee kiosk, as a new economy, new species, and new format, not only greatly saves the labor, rent, energy, and maintenance costs of traditional physical coffee shops, but also solves the problem of non-standard management, unstable quality, irregular personnel, and business operations of physical stores. Time constraints, scarcity of prosperous shop space and other magic spells, and the realization of zero risk in site selection, running after the peak and following the peak season, low carbon, low consumption and green environmental protection, reflecting an overwhelming competitive advantage and outstanding business profitability prospects .

    At this conference, the cofe freshly ground coffee robot brought the latest generation of products to the show. The new generation of products has many technical highlights, reflecting many concepts of the Metaverse and advanced AI digital technology:
    cofe is the leading coffee robot in China to create a "shop smart brain" control center
    cofe is the leading coffee robot to realize "multilingual online and offline, supporting digital currency technology"
    cofe is the leading coffee robot that realizes human-machine intelligent interaction and two-way real-time information
    cofe is the leading coffee robot that has opened up global payment technologies and scenarios
    cofe is the leading coffee robot to be fully certified in EU 27
    cofe is the leading coffee robot to support the use of digital technology for precise milk frothing
    cofe is the leading coffee robot that 100% replicates the craftsmanship of a human professional barista and continues to learn mechanical AI
    cofe is the leading multi-cup parallel coffee robot that implements intelligent algorithms
    cofe is the leading coffee robot that realizes real-time online operation and maintenance/maintenance/ordering/counting/accounting/payment/refund/customer complaint and other information, manages all with one mobile phone, and realizes remote control with one click
    cofe is the leading Chinese coffee robot to export to America/Europe/Australia/Southeast Asia/Middle East developed regions
    cofe is the leading coffee robot that automatically completes all consumer experiences including taste customization with just a mobile phone

    The future belongs to the age of the Metaverse. COFE All-Intelligent Robot Coffee Kiosk Version 4.5 is promoting the unmanned and digital global revolution of coffee shops. A new era of unmanned stores is opening, and the fifth revolution in the coffee industry has come.
    The 5th China International Import Expo predicts that in the next ten years, robots will work for humans for free, masters will make services for humans, and robot cafes will receive humans. It will no longer be a dream, but a reality, and cofe will surely win global attention.


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