The 5th Generation Robot Coffee House COFE+ Takes Famous Temple by Storm


    Temples, as cultural heritage of ancient cities, attract thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year. In this sacred place, besides ancient temples, incense-filled altars, and mysterious Buddha statues, a new cultural center called "COFE+" has emerged near the temple, garnering widespread media attention. According to reports, COFE+ is hailed as the world's first boutique coffee house that never closes for 24 hours, a trendy professional coffee shop for the next decade, and a new generation of light stores.

    According to reports, the fully intelligent and multi-functional COFE+ robot coffee kiosk, as a new species, new economy, and new business form, has caused a sensation and attracted a huge crowd of consumers since its debut. It is showcasing China's commitment to becoming a technology powerhouse, Shanghai's ambition to build a city of science and technology, and the country's comprehensive entry into the field of artificial intelligence in 2023.

    This latest product from COFE+ Coffee Robot, which has been accumulating and upgrading for five years, has caused a sensation at the pedestrian street. According to reporters who experienced it on-site, the 5th generation COFE+ freshly ground coffee robot has many technological highlights and has achieved numerous world-first or world-first applications in artificial intelligence, food technology, and internet technology:

    (1) It completely learns and replicates the exquisite skills of champion baristas.

    (2) It matches and rivals world-famous coffee houses in terms of variety and taste.

    (3) It is the world's first light store, reducing operating costs by 90%.

    (4) It has a fully intelligent store management brain: one mobile phone can manage a professional coffee house, and an intelligent flavor formula management system: one-click completion of product launch.

    (5) It is the first coffee robot to achieve intelligent algorithms, multi-cup parallelism, and coordinated continuous operation.

    (6) It integrates multiple languages, global payment systems, and digital currencies.

    (7) It is a professional-grade coffee house that can be managed by newcomers: with a one-stop solution including flavor formula management system, software and hardware, operation management system, cash settlement system, network communication, monitoring system, and self-inspection and self-correction system. It can start business immediately after being plugged in.

    (8) It is the coffee robot with the most extensive testing deployment, longest operating time, highest reliability in stability testing, and highest market share globally.

    (9) It is the only coffee robot with excellent quality that has obtained five major international qualifications from the United States, the European Union, the Commonwealth, and other developed countries. It is also the first coffee robot exported to developed countries in Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East from China.

    (10) It has created a new business model: convenient mobility, almost zero site selection risk, zero store closure loss, and zero investment risk, making coffee houses no longer suffer losses.

    It is reported that globally, only seven companies from four countries have been able to develop robot coffee kiosks, and COFE+ robot coffee kiosk is among the best in this field. This internet-famous fully intelligent robot coffee kiosk, COFE+, occupies an area of less than 2.5 square meters and offers two types of coffee beans, two cup sizes, and three options of hot/cold/iced. Customers can freely customize the strength, temperature, sweetness, flavor, ice level, and toppings. It not only freshly grinds coffee but also makes fresh Western-style milk tea, Japanese matcha, chocolate beverages, and dairy drinks, offering more than 50 different flavors in five categories. It operates 24 hours a day, all year round, with a fully enclosed sterilization and dust removal system, intelligent disinfection and cleaning, and transparent production process. It can be considered as a new species in the new economy and a new evolution in the new business form.

    automated robot coffee kiosks

    It is understood that the Shanghai-based Haidun Robotics Company, which developed this "new species" of black technology, has a strong background. The core team members are all graduates from prestigious universities such as Fudan University, University of Science and Technology of China, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tongji University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Europe, and the Americas. They have worked for well-known multinational companies such as Huawei, Sany Heavy Industry, KUKA Robotics, and Da Changxing. With extensive experience in scientific research operations and actual combat, they possess genes and rich experience in the internet, artificial intelligence, and chain service industry. They were among the earliest teams globally to engage in the research and development of robot coffee kiosks, robot dessert shops, service robots, and cleaning robots. They are leading enterprises in China's artificial intelligence and Internet Plus industries and also a post-doctoral research station in Shanghai. The company has won numerous domestic and international awards and boasts more than 70 patents. After the product was launched, leaders from the national and local governments visited and provided guidance, and for several consecutive years, it has been invited to showcase the integration of artificial intelligence into daily life at the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, Wall Street media, and others have all reported on their achievements.

    COFE+ robot barista | advanced robot making coffee tech

    Compared to traditional coffee shops, COFE+ robot coffee kiosk significantly reduces daily operating costs by 90%, extends operating hours by more than double, and increases service lifespan by more than double. It can continuously produce 300 cups of large-sized beverages with one refill, requiring only 30 minutes of maintenance and replenishment per day. One employee can manage ten robot coffee kiosks, and the lifespan of one machine can reach up to 10 years. It not only breaks the curse of physical coffee shops but also promotes low-carbon, low-consumption, and green environmental protection. It is a revolutionary and highly technological solution!

    COFE+ robot barista | advanced robot making coffee tech

    Currently, COFE+ robot coffee kiosks have been deployed in multiple countries in North America, Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and various cities across China. Whether in governments, hospitals, universities, airports, shopping centers, tourist attractions, or pedestrian streets, one can see the presence of COFE+ robot coffee masters serving humanity. With its "champion quality at an affordable price," it has received widespread acclaim from consumers. COFE+ fully intelligent robot freshly ground coffee is leading a real transformation in the global physical economy, with robot coffee masters serving humanity, robots working for humans for free, and humans enjoying a better life. It is becoming a reality.

    In this sacred place, a cup of COFE+ is unprecedented and extraordinary. Here, besides the sacred temples, there are tranquil courtyards and mysterious history. As time goes by, the fully intelligent COFE+ robot coffee house will become a sanctuary for people's souls, allowing us to enjoy inner tranquility to the fullest.


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