Cofe+ robot baristas were invited to participate in the Shanghai Coffee Master Cup


    From November 26th to 28th, the 2022 Shanghai Coffee Industry Vocational Skills Competition and the 5th Shanghai Coffee Master Finals were officially launched at Shanghai Hongqiao International Coffee Port. As Shanghai's top competition, and also the first senior barista professional skill level recognition competition held since the release of the "National Occupational Skill Standards - Barista (2022 Edition)", this competition has attracted Shanghai professional baristas, chain coffee shop R&D engineers, training school baristas, coffee training lecturers and other talents to widely participate, the competition is highly professional.

    At the event, The industry's leading brands McDonald's, Tim Hortons, Luckin Coffee, Pacific Coffee, Seesaw Coffee, Nova Coffee and Shanghai "influencer" Bear Paw Coffee... All sent top players to participate in the competition. Fudan University, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai Business School, Shanghai Urban Construction Vocational College, Shanghai Publishing and Printing College, Shanghai Vocational College of Science and Technology, Shanghai Vocational Federation of Mathematics, China Vocational School and other training colleges have also sent high-level teachers and students specializing in coffee to fight in the ring and participate in the Huashan Sword Debate.

    World-leading all-intelligent, multi-functional· COFE+ robot baristas, as representatives of the robot barista faction, were invited for the first time to participate in this annual event, face-to-face and close PK with various human baristas, comprehensively demonstrate their skills, and test their talents.

    At the scene, just when the human professional baristas were nervously burying their heads and busy preparing for the competition, the robot coffee master on the side had begun to take the lead in exercising and methodically displaying its superb martial arts: freshly ground coffee, professional extraction, fresh milk foam, instant ice making, exquisite powdering, light syrup, mixing and shaking, accurate lid buckling, and more than a dozen processes were completed in one go.

    In particular, the exclusive specialty of the COFE+ coffee robot: making five cups in sometime, like a thousand hands Guanyin, in parallel to make five different drinks of American Espresso, latte, Flat

    white, mocha, and cappuccino at the same time, a series of dazzling and skillful operations, so that the surrounding human professional baristas were amazed .

     In the end, the Cofe+ robot barista lived up to his expectations and won a warm applause from the human professional baristas present. The world "Drop“ a cup of robot coffee, and it really lives up to its name. The crowds gathered in front of the COFE+ robot coffee pavilion on the three floors inside and outside herald a new era of change and are coming!

    Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-famous high-tech leader integrating R&D, manufacturing and operation of "All-intelligent Robot Coffee Kiosk COFE+". 70 domestic and foreign patents stand out. After the birth of the product, national leaders, provincial and ministerial leaders, many experts and celebrities have successively visited the inspection and guidance, and were specially invited to the scene by the People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to show the deputies and members that artificial intelligence entered life, and was widely reported by Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, and overseas famous media. COFE+ is also the leading coffee robot in China to reverse export to developed countries and regions such as Europe, Germany, Australia, the United States, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

    It is reported that only a few countries in the world can develop robot coffee. As the world's leading fully intelligent robot coffee, COFE+ can 100% copy the champion barista's craftsmanship, and the cups are fresh ground and the taste is comparable to that of international famous coffee chains. This is the world's leading coffee robot whose taste surpasses that of human professional coffee masters, which can be described as a historic breakthrough in the coffee industry. Since 2021, COFE+ has been successively located in shopping malls, office buildings, and tourist attractions, with an average daily sales volume exceeding 75% of the surrounding traditional physical cafes, causing a sensation in the entire industry.

    COFE+ covers an area of less than 2.5 square meters, but it can provide two coffee beans, two cup types and cold/hot/Iced three choices, freely choose the concentration/temperature/sweetness/ice amount/gram weight, not only fresh ground coffee, but also make Western-style milk tea, Japanese matcha, chocolate drinks four categories of more than 50 flavors, an average of 50 seconds to make 1 cup. It is fully enclosed sterilization and dust elimination, full intelligent disinfection and cleaning, fully automatic production, 24 hours a day, a feeding can continuously produce 300 cups of 16-ounce large cup of drinks, only 30 minutes a day of operation and maintenance replenishment, an employee can manage 10 robot coffee kiosks, can be described as a new species in the new economy!

    After a year-long rigorous inspection and evaluation by the food safety expert group of the China Market Supervision Bureau, the COFE+ robot coffee kiosk, the flagship product of Hi-Dolphin Company, is also one of the leading unmanned cafes in China to obtain the license of fresh food for sale. At present, COFE+ robot coffee kiosks have begun to be laid in Shanghai government, hospitals, universities, airports, shopping malls, etc., "24-hour cafes that never close", "popular cafes in the next ten years", "champion quality, civilian prices", which have been well received by consumers and quickly become a new Internet celebrity in Shanghai.

    COFE+ robot coffee kiosk, as a new economy, new species and new format, greatly saves the labor, rent, energy and maintenance costs of traditional physical coffee shops, and solves the six magic spells of non-standard management, unstable quality, non-standard personnel, difficult site selection, limited business hours, and scarce space in physical stores, realizing low risk in site selection, low cost of operation, high service reputation, and all-weather business, reflecting overwhelming competitive advantages.

    At this year's Barista Competition, COFE+ freshly ground coffee robots carried the latest generation of products. The technical highlights of the new generation of products completely impressed the human barista colleagues who were watching the scene, and became the hottest booth on the scene.

     1 cofe+ leading the technology to support digital currency.

            2 cofe+ obetnir EU CE certification

            3 cofe+ leading offering cold milk foam to make iced drink

            4 cofe+ leading advanced technology to support dual-milk selection

            5 cofe+ leading apply digital precision milk frothing technology, which is completely comparable to the taste produced by the human barista.

            6 cofe+ leading smart technology to replicate the craftsmanship of a human coffee champion

            7 cofe+ is China's leading coffee robot exported to the United States/Germany/Australia/Southeast Asia

            8 cofe+ is the leading coffee robot in China to open up global payment

    States/Germany/Australia/Southeast Asia

    After this man-machine frontal PK war, the author is convinced that the fifth wave of change in the coffee industry has begun, and COFE+ fully intelligent robot freshly ground coffee has opened a new era of unmanned cafes in the world. In the future, robot coffee masters serve human beings, robots work for the boss for free, and robot baristas are fully on the job, which is no longer a dream, but a reality that the industry is upgrading. Robotic freshly ground coffee, led by Cofe+, will become the most popular new business model in the next decade.

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