COFE Robot Coffee Bar at the 5th China International Import Expo


    The 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) is being held in Shanghai. The world's leading COFE freshly ground coffee robot has been invited to participate in this global exhibition for four consecutive years. On November 7th, the famous Shanghai Helium Dolphin Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. officially announced at the launch of new products at the Expo: COFE fully intelligent, multi-functional, multi-purpose, robotic coffee bar, which has been successfully developed and tested, and is in progress. After the expo, it will be launched to the global market.

    Shanghai Helium Dolphin Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's first high-tech leading enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and operation of "all-intelligent robot coffee kiosk COFE", with 70 domestic and foreign patents. In recent years, "unmanned cafes" have begun to develop explosively around the world. As the "Internet celebrity" of the CIIE, Shanghai Helium Dolphin Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. has participated in the exhibition with the latest version of the coffee robot for three consecutive sessions, showing the new business model and subversive innovative concept of "unmanned cafe" to the world.

    As the world's leading all-intelligent coffee robot cofe, it can 100% replicate the exquisite craftsmanship of human professional coffee masters, achieve freshly ground cups, and taste comparable to famous international coffee chain stores. This is the world's first coffee robot whose taste surpasses that of human professional coffee masters, which can be described as a historic breakthrough in the global coffee industry. cofe was not only specially invited by the two sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to show the artificial intelligence into life to the deputies, but also received extensive reports from European, American and Japanese financial media, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, and CCTV.

    The new generation of cofe officially announced at this year's CIIE is fully intelligent, multi-functional, multi-purpose, and robot freshly ground coffee bar. A variety of cup types, double milk options and three temperatures of cold/hot/ice, can be freshly ground coffee, fresh Western-style milk tea, Japanese-style matcha, chocolate drinks, flavored milk drinks 5 categories of more than 50 flavors, consumers can personalize Customize the taste, choose the concentration/temperature/sweetness/ice amount/topping/gram weight according to your own preferences, only 1 cup can be made in an average of 40 seconds, and 4 cups can be made in parallel.

    According to the introduction of the press conference, cofe is fully intelligent, multi-functional, multi-purpose, and robot coffee bar. It only takes 30 minutes a day to operate, maintain, clean and replenish ingredients. One feeding can continuously make 200 cups of European-style large-cup drinks, and it will never close for 24 hours. and continued service. All operation and maintenance/maintenance/ordering/counting/accounting/payment information is online in real time. One employee can easily manage 10 robotic coffee bars. One mobile phone manages all of them, and one-click remote control. This is the robot coffee bar with the most advanced technology, the most complete varieties, and the most uses in the world. It can be said to be the gospel of empowering the traditional real economy and a brand new species in the new real economy!

    Han Feizi, the founder of the company, introduced: COFE is fully intelligent, multi-functional, multi-purpose, and robotic coffee bar, which can not only empower traditional bakeries, bars, hotels, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, canteens, offices, venues, KTVs, bookstores, and clothing collections Stores, cinemas and other physical stores are perfectly integrated with the counters of traditional stores to easily expand business categories, improve services, and promote sales. And it can greatly save the management complexity of these traditional stores and reduce the requirements for personnel quality, number of employees, scheduling and training.

    With COFE's new generation robot coffee bar, bakeries only need pastry chefs, bars only need bartenders, hotels only need front desks, western restaurants and canteens only need chefs, bookstores only need librarians… The new coffee in the store As for the beverage category, it can be completely entrusted to the robot to complete the service. The taste is not only 100% comparable to the international famous coffee brand, but also does not require personnel to look after it. The most important thing is that the store does not need to increase a lot of costs, and saves labor, energy, and maintenance costs, and solves the problems of irregular personnel, unstable quality, difficult management, short business hours, and large employee turnover, reflecting higher. Operational efficiency and effectiveness.

    COFE is all-intelligent, multi-functional, multi-purpose, and robot coffee bar, which is opening the prelude of robots working for humans, robot coffee masters serving humans, and robot cafes replacing traditional cafes. This year's CIIE announced the start of a new round of reforms in the global coffee industry. I believe that in the near future, cofe will bring more surprises to the global coffee industry. The future has come.


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