robot making coffee

    Our Team

    The core team of Hi-Dolphin Technology is composed of more than 30 doctors and masters graduated from Fudan University, University of Science and Technology of China, Tongji, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and European and American universities. Most of them have worked for Huawei, Microsoft, Sany Heavy Industry and other famous multinational companies, with scientific research, operation and practical experience. Rich, with Internet genes, artificial intelligence genes, entity chain industry genes, and service industry genes.

    The core team is the earliest research and development team engaged in artificial intelligence robot coffee kiosks, service machines, and cleaning machines in China. They have accumulated in the fields of robot system integration, artificial intelligence +, Internet, cloud computing, system software development, data processing and processing, and Internet of Things technology. With rich experience and technical reserves, the company has now reserved more than 50 domestic and foreign patents, involving inventions, utility models, software and hardware and other professional fields, ranking first in the industry at home and abroad.

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