One store has Multiple-Businesses, and the profit margin is large!


    Coffee + milk tea + milk drink + cereal = more than 50 kinds of flavors

    This robot can support taste customization, 1 store Multi-Businesses, robot for you to work to make money, full of black technology, headquarters support the whole process, high profit!

    COFE+ robot is a fully functional coffee shop, covers an area of only two and a half square meters, and can adapt to indoor and outdoor and other scenarios, no need for stores, the cheapest site fee is only a few hundred RMB, the life span can reach ten years, and the store fee can save thousands of dollars a year.

    Robots replace human labor, standardized operations, 0 waste, 24/7 service. The annual savings in labor costs and losses exceed 200,000 RMB.

    One replenishment can make 300 cups, the daily output can reach 500 cups, the average daily sales volume of nearly 300 cups, fresh ground, replicate of the world's professional barista craftsmanship, and Taste comparable to Starpapa.

    It only takes 30 minutes a day to operate and maintain, one person can manage five to ten equipment, low cost, and high profit, This is a must-choose for investment and entrepreneurship.

    COFE+ Passion for future!

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