“Drop” a cup of robot Café is popular on the First street in the world


    This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, The First street in the world - Shanghai Nanjing Road walkway introduced two World-leading "fully-intelligent, Multi-functional and fresh ground Robot coffee" COFE+, which are located in the middle of the walkway street in front of the first food store and the main entrance of the new World Daimaru Department Store, which is famous for international luxury goods.

    The Fully intelligent and Multi-functional COFE+ fresh ground Robot Café was just introduced last year by Nanjing Road walkway, and the new species attracted huge crowds of people and Stir in the whole city. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, it once again settled in the extension of the walkway street, reflecting the strong development potential of the new economy, and also showing the people of the whole country and the world the trend of China's science and technology power, Shanghai's construction of a science and technology capital and a full-scale advancing towards artificial intelligence.

    After 4 years of consecutive upgrading, the latest products, whether it is functional diversity, technological advancement, humanization of experience or taste excellence, are becoming more and more perfect, creating a number of firsts:

    1 "Drop" a coffee robot that supports the digital currency

    2 "Drop" a coffee robot that realizes the advanced technology of making cold milk foam into ice drinks

    3 "Drop" A coffee robot that realizes the advanced technology of making drinks with double milk

    4 "Drip" a coffee robot that imitates a human barista's digitally precise milk foaming technology

    5 "Drops" an advanced artificially intelligent coffee robot that replicates the craftsmanship of human coffee champions

    6 "Drop" a Chinese coffee robot exported to the United States/Germany/Australia/Southeast Asia

    As early as the outbreak of the pandemic in Shanghai this year, COFE+ has become a new topic. In March, the Defense War of Shanghai began, and Pudong and Puxi successively entered the static management of the whole region. Under the overall arrangement of the Shanghai Municipal Pandemic Prevention and Control Command, Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Robot Technology Co., Ltd., together with COFE+ Fully-intelligent • Multi-functional • coffee robots, urgently went to Yangpu District, Xuhui New District, Changning District, Pudong New District and other places to fight the pandemicfront-line and mobile cabin hospitals, day and night service continuous rotation of the anti-epidemic "defenders", actively participated in the Shanghai defense war, and became "The only coffee shop operating in Shanghai " during the static management period...

    At present, Shanghai has set up more than 50 COFE+ fresh ground Robot Coffee experience centers, distributed in government compounds, office buildings, shopping malls, subway stations, walkway streets, hospitals, universities, libraries, art galleries, tourist attractions and other scenes. Consumer surveys generally reflect that the taste of cofe+ products can be comparable to the world-famous traditional cafés, and it is no less than professional human baristas. Cofe+ has an average daily sales of cups in various places, surpassing 75% of the physical coffee chain brands, and almost all scenarios can be profitable, reflecting full development advantages and operating potential.

    With only seven companies in four countries in the world able to develop robotic coffee kiosks, COFE+ robotcaféis the best in this field. COFE+ robot coffee is full of black technology, not only using more than 60 domestic and foreign patents developed by Hi-Dolphin Company, but also widely adopting high-tech components from more than 20 countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, etc., just like the United Nations in technology, the League of Heroes in science, becoming a model of global integration, interdependence of countries, mutual borrowing and common prosperity.

    COFE+ uses the cost savings to improve raw materials, selects ingredients from world-famous origins: Ethiopia's specialty coffee beans, Ceylon black tea, Japanese matcha, Belgian chocolate, Turkish hazelnuts and other famous raw materials, as well as high-quality pure fresh milk sources, mineral-rich water, which has greatly driven the development of planting and food processing industries in agricultural countries around the world, and promoted the growth of global trade. This cup, global go, buy global, made in China and imported to buy for the benefit of all countries in the world.

    What is particularly worthy of thumbs up is that the COFE+ robot coffee kiosk is not only 100% fresh ground, Every drop freshly replicates the craftsmanship of the champion barista, but also has the special function of "multi-flavor personalized customization", which is the global first of the COFE++ coffee robot. 2 kinds of coffee beans, double milk choice, 6 kinds of syrup, 8 kinds of powder grains, 2 kinds of toppings, cold and hot iced different temperatures, the formula can be creatively combined, the raw materials can be freshly matched, Made according to recipe, complete a cup of your most satisfactory exclusive taste drink, less than 1 minute before and after. This cup isextraordinary,Passion for future.

    Enjoy robot services and open a new model of "unmanned economy". The second COFE+ robot fresh ground coffee settled in Nanjing walkway Street, while enriching the lives of citizens, for everyone to brilliantly interpret the world 'drop' a cup of robot coffee business magic, and the Century-old Nanjing Road construction into the world's first street legend!


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