COFE+ Robot Barista provided the artificial intelligent service for the NPC and CPCC at Shanghai


    On January 20th, the Shanghai People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference were held with a great ceremony.

    During the visiting, the reporter saw that the fully intelligent COFE+ robot coffee kiosk who can talk to people showed up in everywhere, becoming a new highlight of the two conferences and there were widespread discussions among the delegates.

    01 More than 70 patents, this is a cup of coffee which full of black technology

    As far as the reporter's know, as the world's leading new species, The COFE+ robot coffee kiosk has been invited to the scene for many times by well known domestic and overseas conferences. On the opening day, the COFE+ robot coffee kiosk, which is full of technology in the future, attracted the attention of so many people. COFE+ has a self-developed deep learning system and uses artificial intelligence to replicate human coffee masters. The taste is as good as the famous traditional stores, so that every cup of coffee can match the picky customers. COFE+ with explosive technological attributes to the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference brought a new technological experience to the audience.

    The COFE+ staff introduced that, as a robot barista that has obtained "many firsts" and "more than 70 patents" in the industry, COFE+ can make a cup of fine coffee in only 50 seconds, and the unique unattended mode also makes people It's refreshing, just swipe through WeChat, and you can order independently. The moment you pick up your mobile phone and take a photo, a cup of freshly ground coffee full of black technology has been completed.

    With the development of AI technology, COFE+ has innovatively independently developed technologies such as visual perception and motion planning to produce a coffee robot that realizes high-quality latte art, fresh ice making, and personalized DIY customization. It has been rescued from the coffee shop, which ensures that each cup of coffee is visually exquisite and has a splendid taste, but the price is only 1/3 of the famous traditional stores. The full sensory experience of vision, smell and taste truly satisfies every discerning taste bud. Artificial intelligence promotes human life into a "new era of premium but good price products", allowing consumers to feel the beauty of technology anytime, anywhere.

    02 The new evolution of the real economy, unattended is a new trend.

    The Shanghai Two Conferences focused on "people's wisdom, public opinion and people's voice", keenly aware that intelligence and convenience will inevitably lead the development of city life. The COFE+ robot coffee kiosk was invited and introduced twice. In addition to bringing a high-end coffee experience to the meeting during the epidemic, COFE+ also took into account that COFE+ covers an area of ​​less than 2.5 square meters, self cleaning and disinfection, intelligent high-temperature disinfection and sterilization, and the whole process is automated. It can operate 24 hours a day without human attendance, and supports the addition of extremely complex accessories. It is an epoch-making product that can truly meet the positioning of future technology.

    Not only in the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress, but also in more than 20 locations including Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street, Jinhongqiao International Center, naked Club, World Expo Source, and Zhongshan Park. At present, COFE+ has been perfectly adapted to various offline scenarios such as hotels, airports, shopping malls, and office buildings. The COFE+ robot coffee master with its own traffic attributes allows more and more partners to meet the future.

    03 Will this be the most popular cafe in the next decade?

    "Before serving the Two Conferences, COFE+ was already a robotic internet super star." COFE+ staff introduced to reporters. As the world's leading coffee robot, COFE+ has many experience centers, and exported to overseas countries. Also invited to the International exhibitions such as the China International Import Expo and the Artificial Intelligence Conference are highly popular, and have been interviewed and reported by many mainstream media such as CCTV, as well as unanimously praised by relevant leaders in Shanghai.

    Will this be the most popular coffee shop in the next decade? Philip Han, the founder of COFE+, told reporters that what robot baristas make is not only coffee, but also a kind of culture and art, and what COFE+ contributed is using artificial intelligence to replicate human coffee masters and pass on the art of gourmet food . As the best successor of baristas, the COFE+ robot make the possibility for more and more consumers to taste the master's work, which opens the threshold for the tasting of specialty coffee to a certain extent. COFE+, which replicates the craftsmanship of baristas with ultra-high precision, has a soul. Black-tech coffee will be "available everywhere" for consumers.
    At present, COFE+ is accelerating the optimization of production capacity. I believe that COFE+ will bring more and more robotic coffee masters to all of us in the future.


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