The Munich Electronics Show is Coming, COFE+ Robot Coffee Helps the Smart Sensor Industry


    Today, the Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition lasts for 3 days. With the theme of 'Drive the Future of Travel', it will create a technology display platform from industry forward-looking R&D technology to application terminals. There are more than 1,000 high-quality electronics companies participated in the exhibition from home and abroad.

    Since the Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair (Electronica China) entered China in 2002, it has been diligent and deeply involved in the Chinese electronics industry for nearly two decades. With its strong brand influence and highly specialized exhibition services, it has established a high-quality industry reputation. Munich Shanghai Electronica China has become the flagship display platform of China's electronics industry and has been favored by more and more exhibitors and visitors.

    The reporter saw that at the booth of Shanghai Smart Sensor Industrial Park, COFE+ robot coffee, which is very popular with word-of-mouth topics, was set up, and many exhibitors came to watch the experience. At present, the National Intelligent Sensor Innovation Center is committed to building a world-class intelligent sensor innovation center, exploring advanced sensor technology innovation, and uniting sensor upstream and downstream and industry chain leading enterprises to carry out common technology research and development, forming a 'production, learning, research, and use' collaborative innovation mechanism . The COFE+ robot coffee exhibition at the Munich Electronics Show showed the application of various sensors in actual scenes through physical display and application experience. There are hundreds of sensors in the coffee robot. The sensors have several functions. One is to ensure the taste of drinks, such as temperature and humidity sensors; the other is intelligent sensors for maintenance and operation, such as weighing sensors; the other is to improve users experience, such as optical sensors.

    According to the staff, this COFE+ robot coffee has the most advanced technology in the world and has become the target of similar products. The coffee made by fully automatic robots ensures food safety. It is filtered by air, sterilized by ultraviolet lamps, isolated by air curtains, raw materials are refrigerated and kept fresh, and sterilized by high-temperature steam pipes. COFE+ has three licenses for government hygiene, ice-making technology and electrical safety, and two core technologies for indoor and outdoor units.

    A cup of coffee can be made in an average of 50 seconds, and the efficiency is unmatched by physical coffee shops. COFE+ robot coffee covers an area of less than 2.5 square meters, and only needs 30 minutes of operation and maintenance replenishment a day, which can meet the demand of 24 hours a day.

    In this exhibition, COFE+ robot coffee brought cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to the audience on the spot, and won unanimous praise and recognition from exhibitors and audiences. At the same time, not only satisfied with displaying a single product, the continuously upgraded COFE+ robot coffee will continue to lead the new trend of the industry, and will provide exhibitors and visitors with more platforms and choices with new formats, new economies, and new species.


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