The biggest baking exhibition in 2021 is here!


    WelcAfter experiencing the 2020 new crown pneumonia epidemic, as a professional bakery and confectionery exhibition serving local and radiating Asia-Pacific and even the world, the 23rd China International Bakery Exhibition (Bakery China) will be held in Shanghai from April 27th to 30th. Held at the International Expo Center. The exhibition provides a sharing platform for global bakery industry leaders, professionals and various bakery industry practitioners to share innovative ideas, inject impetus to promote the development of the bakery industry in the fields of research and development, manufacturing and distribution, and related services, and promote the bakery sugar industry in China Comprehensive development.

    The openness, professionalism and forward-looking nature of this platform is accelerating the development and transformation of the industry.

    Tap into the development potential of the local market

    As an industry sourcing event that cannot be missed in the baking industry in China, it has been successfully held in Shanghai for dozens of times, with a cumulative exhibition area of hundreds of thousands of square meters. The exhibition has attracted tens of thousands of excellent suppliers from more than 40 countries and regions around the world to come to the exhibition to visit and purchase with millions of professional buyers in the baking field at home and abroad. Facing the new era demands of consumers pursuing rich product connotation and emotional resonance, baking colleagues across the country and even the world are focusing more on the local Chinese market, relying on the rich and diverse local folk culture on the vast land of China, and deeply tap the development potential of the local baking and sugar products market.

    Subdivision and upgrade, accurate docking of industry resources

    Bakery China has been committed to building a business platform covering the entire industry chain and categories of the bakery and sugar products industry. Coffee, beverages, light meals, etc. help the bakery and sugar products industry to meet the new needs of different scenarios and people, and it is also convenient for buyers to visit and purchase on site. From the initial four major exhibition sections of equipment, raw materials, packaging, and international, to the continuous segmentation of the industry chain, and the continuous increase of categories, the exhibition highlights the focus and display characteristics of each region, and focuses on the overall status of the industry and subdivision areas.

    The following is the specific exhibition area division:

    E1-9, N5: Raw materials and finished products exhibition area

    E1-2: Grease area
    E3-4: Filling area
    E5: Comprehensive zone for international and raw materials
    E6: Semi-finished products/dairy products/egg industry/meat area
    E7: High-end finished product/training school/home baking area
    N5: Coffee/drinks/ice cream/light food/raw materials, roasted coffee food market

    W1-7, N1: Equipment exhibition area

    W4: International Equipment Zone
    W1, 3: Oven area
    W1-5, W7-8: Production Equipment Hall
    W6: Chinese Cake Making Hall-Tang Chao Grand Award
    N1: Display cabinet/store design/soft decoration exhibition area, Hairong 'Bake Guest Impression' exhibition area
    E7, N4, N5: competition area

    N2-4: Packaging design, materials and overall solutions exhibition area

    Empower innovation, focus on artificial intelligence

    In 2021, COFE+ robot coffee will become the fresh blood of Bakery China, making an effort to continuously innovate and develop safe and healthy cutting-edge products and technologies, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the baking industry.

    The COFE+ robot coffee kiosk uses fully automatic robots to make coffee, using air curtains to isolate the air, ultraviolet light sterilization, raw materials refrigeration and preservation, and high-temperature steam pipe sterilization. While ensuring food safety, more than 50 kinds of coffee, chocolate, matcha and other drinks can be made, and 300 cups can be made continuously with one feed. It only takes 30 minutes a day to operate, maintain and replenish materials, and one employee can manage 10 robotic coffee kiosks, which can be described as a new species in the new economy!

    Popular weather vane in the future

    With the rise of the post-90s and post-00s new generation and gradually become a major consumer force, in the face of new consumer trends and new consumer groups, how can traditional roasting, coffee, beverages, etc. break the space constraints, and related topics such as how to use innovation or cross-industry integration method to improve product power, how to add value to products through cultural and aesthetic design and how to better apply new marketing models to achieve leapfrog growth are important topics that the industry has continuously explored in recent years.

    COFE+ robot coffee attracts more and more people's attention with its scientific and intelligent products that take into account delicious products. Under the irreversible trend of industrial upgrading, it will continue to drive high-quality development as a trend indicator in the future.

    2021 China International Baking Exhibition

    • Time: April 27-30
    • Venue: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center(No. 2345 Longyang Road)
    • COFE+ Booth N5K88

    China International Bakery Exhibition Guide

    1.Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station: Take Metro Line 2 (Guanglan Road direction), get off at Longyang Road Station (Exit 3), and walk 990 meters to No. 2345 Longyang Road.

    2.Shanghai Railway Station: Take Metro Line 1 (in the direction of Shanghai South Railway Station), pass 6 stops, get off at Changshu Road, transfer to Metro Line 7 (in the direction of Huamu Road), get off at Huamu Road Station, and walk 300 meters from Exit 1.

    Take Metro Line 4 (in the direction of Century Avenue) to 5 stops, get off at Century Avenue Station and transfer to Metro Line 2 (in the direction of Guanglan Road) and get off at Longyang Road Station (Exit 3), and walk 990 meters to Longyang Road No. 2345.

    3.Shanghai South Railway Station: Take Metro Line 1 (in the direction of Fujin Road), pass 5 stops, get off at Changshu Road Station, transfer to Metro Line 7 (in the direction of Huamu Road) in the station, and walk out of Exit 1 at Huamu Road Station 300 meters to reach

    4.Shanghai Pudong International Airport: Take Metro Line 2 (toward Xujing East), walk 900 meters from Exit 3 of Longyang Road to No. 2345, Longyang Road

    5.Hongqiao International Airport: Take Metro Line 2 (Guanglan Road direction), get off at Longyang Road Station (Exit 3), walk 990 meters to Longyang Road 2345


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