COFE+ Robot Coffee is now in Sinan Mansion and Shang Sheng New House! Play Coffee Modern Night


    The perfect combination of technology and coffee

    A balance of technology and taste

    Leading the way to the future of fashion

    Since March 29th, Shanghai Coffee Culture Week with the theme of 'Shanghai because of coffee' has been opened. Through coffee tournaments, cultural bazaars and other thematic activities to fully explore the cultural connotation of coffee, so that coffee culture into the city's streets and alleys.

    This weekend in the literary mecca of Sinan Mansion and Shang Sheng New House, COFE + Robot Coffee brings you into the night party filled with the soul of coffee culture!

    It may be a night market, but the event starts in the daytime! As a partner of Shanghai Coffee Culture Week, COFE+ Robot Coffee invites you to join the exploration of the future of popular cafes!

    This is a collision of technology and coffee, fully automatic artificial intelligence high-tech coffee, 3 seconds to instantly make ice, easy to make hot and cold drinks. An average of 50 seconds can produce a cup of coffee, to ensure the quality flavor of each drink.

    Tiffany's blue exterior
    Personalized and independent Self-ordering No one sells
    24-hour companionship Buy anytime
    Café of the future
    This cup
    Like the ideal good

    Children and ladies also came to take pictures and watch how the robot made a cup of delicious and fragrant coffee.

    During the Shanghai Coffee Culture Week, COFE+ Robot Coffee sincerely launched more than 50 beverages including American, Latte, Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate, Vanilla Furui White, Hazelnut Milk...etc. You can also add oatmeal, hazelnut diced, etc. for private preparation, let the robot serve you on a beautiful weekend~

    The coffee is fragrant, and the robot coffee is waiting for you to punch in. Come and play on the spot!


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