The overwhelming advantage of COFE+ Robot Café


    The biggest advantage of the robot coffee: 0 site selection risk, once the site selection is wrong, you can easily change the business place. But the traditional physical coffee shops, once the location selection fails, will all be lost and cannot be moved. 

    The second advantage of robot coffee: COFE+ is a mobile café, that runs after peaks, following peak seasons, and avoids low peak seasons. For example, during the summer vacation of the universities, the cofe+ in the universities can be moved to the tourist attraction place. During the long-term vacation period of the office building, the COFE+ in the office building can be moved to the shopping mall for short-term operation business. 

    The third advantage of the robot coffee booth: COFE+ is an unmanned café, robots work instead of human labor, with no wages, no overtime pay, no vacations, never bad mood, No switching jobs, 24/7, hard work, and is dedicated to working for you to make money. 

    The fourth advantage of the robot coffee booth: COFE is a zero-loss café, the robot replaces human labor, it works accurately and precisely, intelligent self-control. There will no longer be a waste, loss, rework, etc. achieving significant savings, and energy saving for the owner! 

    The fifth advantage of robot coffee: COFE+ is the cafe that doesn't lose money anymore. Compared with traditional physical cafes, COFE+ 0 site selection risk, 0 labor costs, 0 loss and waste, easy to move to chase the peak season, so It is a higher business model with self-correction, solving the pain point that traditional physical cafes one-shot business. 

    The taste advantage of the robot coffee: We use the world's leading ceramic blades, special metal blades, and reject industrial plastic blades. Only 9 famous international coffee chain brands in the world can afford ceramic blades. Therefore, the taste of our fresh ground coffee is pure and delicious, 100% comparable to Starbaba and luckymama.

    The milk coffee advantage of robot coffee kiosk COFE+: We use the world's most advanced CNC milk foaming technology. Only 4 famous coffee chain brands in the world can afford to use CNC milk freighters. The cold milk foam and hot milk foam from COFE are first-class taste, 100% comparable to experienced professional baristas. 

    Variety advantages of robot coffee kiosk cofe+: We use the world's leading artificial intelligence technology, not only can make two kinds of coffee beans, two kinds of milk, and cold/hot/iced three choices, but freely choose the concentration/temperature/sweetness/ice amount/grammage of coffee, not only fresh ground coffee but also make Western-style milk tea, Japanese matcha, chocolate drinks four categories of a total of 50 flavors, to meet personalized choices. "Champion quality, fair price", which has received good reviews from consumers. 

    The hygiene advantages of robot coffee: COFE+ fully enclosed sterilization and dust proof, fully intelligent disinfection and cleaning, fully automatic cleaning management, fully transparent production, 24/7

    One replenishment can continuously produce 300 cups, only 30 minutes a day to maintain and replenish, one employee can manage 5-10 robot coffee kiosks, is the leading coffee robot approved for operation in China


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