Tourist Destination Yungang Grottoes Showcases Coffee Robot COFE+


    Recently, reporters at the tourist destination of Yungang Grottoes encountered a surprising novelty: the fully automated coffee robot café, COFE+. Customers select their coffee variety on a screen, scan to pay, and then a robotic arm inside the café begins operations—grabbing the cup, making the coffee, and sealing it, completing the entire process within a minute. It's reported that this robot coffee café is named "COFE+ Robot Freshly Ground Coffee Kiosk," occupying less than 2.5 square meters. The kiosk supports 24-hour operation, is enclosed for germ and dust suppression, and undergoes intelligent high-temperature disinfection and cleaning. The robot coffee café supports online ordering, using cloud computing in its intelligent brain to produce five cups simultaneously. The robotic arms precisely control angles, replicating human coffee-making techniques, thus averaging 50 seconds to 1 minute to make a drink.

    It's noted that COFE+ robot coffee entered the market in 2019. Despite facing three years of pandemics and a global economic downturn, it has continued to progress. Internally based in Shanghai but oriented towards the national market, it has undergone five product updates and iterations, leading similar products globally. It's regarded as the most stable, best-performing, and best-tasting coffee robot in the industry. Externally, it continues to expand into overseas markets, from initially exporting to Australia, North America, and Europe to now being present worldwide. It has been widely invited to major international exhibitions such as the National People's Congress, the World Coffee Championships, the Consumer Expo, and the Import Expo, receiving extensive recognition from professionals and high-end clientele.

    As of 2023, after five years of continuous testing and improvement, the latest 5th generation of the fully automated COFE+ robot freshly ground coffee has already surpassed 75% of traditional physical coffee shops in daily sales volume in China. The COFE+ freshly ground coffee robot showcased at the Yungang Grottoes represents the latest generation of unmanned coffee cafés. It embodies numerous technological highlights, showcasing advanced concepts such as the metaverse, artificial intelligence, bionics, machine learning, and cutting-edge AI technology, several of which are world-first innovations:

    1. It is globally recognized as the first light store, reducing operational costs by up to 90%.

    2. It faithfully replicates 100% of the exquisite skills of human champion baristas without deviation.

    3. It matches or even surpasses internationally famous coffee brands in variety and taste.

    4. It features a fully intelligent flavor formula management system, enabling easy new product switching.

    5. Its fully intelligent store management brain allows managing a professional coffee shop with just a mobile phone.

    6. It's the only one certified for excellent quality by the United States, European Union, Commonwealth, and other major international qualifications.

    7. It's the most extensively tested coffee robot, with the longest operational testing time, highest reliability, and highest market share.

    8. It integrates multiple languages, global payment systems, and digital RMB.

    9. It's the first coffee robot to achieve intelligent algorithms, parallel production of multiple cups, and coordinated continuous production.

    10. It's highly mobile, with minimal site selection and investment risks, representing a cafe with no losses in the world.

    11. It's the first coffee shop that can be opened while lying down: equipped with software, hardware, operational management systems, cash settlement systems, and network communication monitoring systems, just turn on the power to start business immediately, saving effort and worry.

    12. It's the first Chinese coffee robot to reverse export to developed countries in Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East, becoming a sensation. From German train stations, American airports, Australian shopping centers to Southeast Asian amusement parks, the striking figure of the fully automated COFE+ freshly ground coffee robot can be seen everywhere.

    The technology company behind this "new species" of all-black technology has a remarkable background. The COFE+ robot freshly ground coffee is developed by Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Robot Technology Co., Ltd. a world-leading high-tech enterprise. Their developed and manufactured "fully intelligent·robot coffee kiosk COFE+" not only faithfully replicates the skills of human champion baristas, with a taste that rivals 100% of internationally renowned coffee chain brands but also boasts over 70 domestic and foreign patents, and has won numerous awards at home and abroad. It is China's first coffee robot to win the European "the best" award, the only one certified by the United States, the European Union, the Commonwealth, and other five major international qualifications, and the first Chinese coffee robot to reverse export to developed countries in Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East. Several leaders from the Party and the country, local governments, have successively visited and guided it, and it has been invited to showcase artificial intelligence entering life for several consecutive years at the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, Wall Street media, and others have reported extensively on this entrepreneurial achievement.

    Globally, there are only seven companies in four countries capable of developing robot coffee kiosks, and COFE+ robot coffee kiosks are leaders in this field. Haidun Technology's core team graduated from prestigious universities such as Fudan University, University of Science and Technology of China, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tongji University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and universities in Europe and America. Many of them have worked for well-known multinational companies such as Huawei, Sany Heavy Industry, KUKA Robotics, and Dachangxing, with rich experience in scientific research operations and practical experience, possessing genes and rich experience in Internet, artificial intelligence, and chain service industries. They are one of the earliest global teams engaged in the research and development of robot coffee kiosks, robot dessert shops, service robots, and cleaning robots. They are a leading enterprise in Shanghai's artificial intelligence and Internet Plus and also a post-doctoral research workstation in Shanghai.

    Over the past five years, COFE+ robot coffee has been put into operation in hundreds of different types of scenes such as government, hospitals, universities, airports, train stations, shopping centers, etc. It has the highest market coverage, longest operating time, and most reliable stability tests among coffee robots worldwide. With its "champion quality, affordable price," it has received widespread acclaim from consumers. COFE+ robot coffee has extensive co

    operation with Fortune 500 companies, Chinese top 500 companies, and Shanghai top 500 companies such as Amazon, SAP, Sinopec, iFlytek, Bank of Communications, and Bailian Group.

    "A 24-hour never-closing coffee shop," "the coffee shop that will be popular in the next decade," "a new generation unmanned coffee shop," "the coffee shop that can be opened while lying down," "creating a world without loss coffee shop." As a new economy, new species, and new format, robot coffee greatly saves on the labor, rent, energy, and maintenance costs of traditional physical coffee shops, solving the curse of irregular management, unstable quality, non-standard personnel, difficult site selection and relocation, short business hours, and scarce prime locations, demonstrating complete subversiveness, and being hailed as the fifth wave of revolution in the coffee industry.

    COFE+ robot barista | advanced robot making coffee tech

    Robots serving humans, robot coffee masters freshly grinding coffee for humans, robots working for free for the boss to make money, ushering in a new era for humans to enjoy a "high-quality and affordable" happy life, is coming!

    automated robot coffee kiosks

    The appearance of the COFE+ robot coffee shop in the Yungang Grottoes is not just a matter of reputation, but also a milestone for humankind.

    COFE+ robot barista | advanced robot making coffee tech

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