Gansu Province Governor Ren Zhenhe inspects the COFE+ Intelligent Robot Coffee Kiosk


    Governor Ren Zhenhe of Gansu Province paid a cordial visit to the newly emerging sensation, the COFE+ Intelligent Robot Coffee Kiosk, which made its appearance at the Gansu·China Lanzhou Fair.

    COFE+ Intelligent Robot Coffee Kiosk

    5th Generation | Iterative Upgrade

    (1) 100% Learning Replication: Exquisite craftsmanship of human champion barista

    (2) Variety and Taste: Comparable to internationally renowned coffee brands like Starbucks

    (3) Fully Intelligent Flavor Management System: One-click new product switching

    (4) Fully Intelligent Store Management Brain: Manage a store with just a mobile phone

    (5) Coffee kiosk that can be opened lying down: All-in-one solution with hardware, operational

    management system, cash register system, and network communication monitoring system. As long as it's connected to power, it can start operating immediately.

    (6) The only coffee robot certified by the five major international qualifications: FCC (USA), CE (EU), UK (Commonwealth)

    (7) The coffee robot with the most installations worldwide, highest market share, longest operating time, and most reliable stability testing

    (8) Multi-language support, global payment system, fully compatible with digital RMB

    (9) The first coffee robot from China to be exported to developed countries in Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East

    (10) Next-generation “light” store without investment risk, further reducing operating costs to 90%, easy to relocate and change locations

    The world's first “light” store, COFE+

    This cup - with a taste comparable to famous coffee shops, earns excellent reputation

    This cup - a monument to taste surpassing human professional baristas

    This cup - a milestone in initiating a new round of transformation in physical commerce

    This cup - the World Cup leading China's coffee industry globally.

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