Shanghai Vice Secretary-General Zhang Xiong inspects the 5th Generation COFE+ Intelligent Robot Coffee Kiosk


    Shanghai Vice Secretary-General Zhang Xiong, accompanied by Director Jiang from the Municipal Cooperation and Exchange Office and other bureau leaders, cordially visited the exhibition booth to inspect the newly emerging sensation, the globally just-released 5th Generation COFE+ Intelligent Robot Coffee Kiosk.

    The world's first “light” store, COFE+
    A disruptive new species, a revolutionary new model

    100% replication of world champion baristas' craftsmanship
    100% taste comparable to renowned coffee shops worldwide
    100% craftsmanship surpassing human professional baristas
    Repeatedly won domestic and international awards.
    Exported to dozens of developed countries in reverse.

    COFE+ , this cup coffee
    It's not just a reputation, it's a milestone.

    intelligent robot-coffee robot
    Generation 5, COFE +
    automated coffee kiosk

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