Let the world no longer have loss-making cafés


    Open a coffee shop and refuse to lose money-COFE PLUS

    COFE PLUS covers an area of 2.5 square meters, nearly zero stores,zero labor,zero losses,zero contacts, no fear of the pendemic, zero business closures.

    Fully intelligent COFE PLUS robot coffee, support online, offline ordering, 100% replication of champion barista craftsmanship, the world's leading  customization, diversified operations.

    1. Cofe+ cost savings of more than ninety percent,

    2. The taste is a big win: excellent product parity + personalized customization.

    The cost-saving is used to select the world's high-quality ingredients, Ethiopian specialty coffee beans, Ceylon black tea, Japanese matcha, Belgian chocolate, Turkish hazelnuts, and other raw materials

    3. The product update speed is fast.

    4. High work efficiency, easy to produce more than 300 cups per day

    New products are produced every two weeks,

    5. High work efficiency

    One order can be made with 5 cups in a row, which is equivalent to 5 people working at the same time, and an average cup of 50 seconds

    Open 24 hours a day

    The operation and maintenance time only takes 30 minutes, and one person can maintain five to ten machines.

    Join us, every day is the peak season, so that the world no longer has a loss-making café!


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