Shines at the Beijing International Hotel Supplies Exhibition – The 5th Generation Coffee Robot COFE+


    The 13th Beijing International Hotel, Catering, and Food and Beverage Expo (Henghui Hotel Catering Exhibition), the largest international hotel catering and food exhibition in North China three years after the pandemic, opened on July 27, 2023, at the China International Exhibition Center. Co-hosted by the China General Chamber of Commerce, China Hotel Association, Beijing Culinary Association, and others, this expo attracted over 1,300 domestic and foreign brands to participate in eight exhibition halls, with nearly 100,000 professional visitors attending for investigation and negotiation.

    Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Robot Technology Co., Ltd., a globally renowned company, showcased its latest 5th generation fully intelligent robot coffee grinder COFE+ at the exhibition, demonstrating a disruptive innovation model of "unmanned coffee shops" to the world. COFE+ coffee robot has been continuously upgraded and developed over the past five years, and its latest product caused a sensation at the exhibition. According to on-site reporters' experience, the 5th generation COFE+ coffee robot features numerous technological highlights, including the world's first applications of artificial intelligence, food technology, and internet technology:

    (1) It 100% learns and replicates the exquisite skills of champion baristas.

    (2) It matches and rivals the world's famous coffee shops in terms of variety and taste.

    (3) It is the world's first lightweight store, reducing operating costs by 90%.

    (4) It has a fully intelligent store management system: a single mobile phone can manage a professional coffee shop, and an intelligent flavor formula management system: one-click completion of product launch.

    (5) It is the first coffee robot to achieve intelligent algorithms, parallel production of multiple cups, and coordinated continuous operation.

    (6) It integrates multiple languages, global payment systems, and digital currency, including digital RMB.

    (7) It is a professional-quality coffee shop that even newcomers can handle: with a one-stop system including flavor formula management, software and hardware, operation management, cashier settlement, network communication, monitoring, and self-inspection, it can start business immediately upon power-on.

    (8) It is the coffee robot with the highest number of test deployments, the longest test operation time, the most reliable stability testing, and the highest market share worldwide.

    (9) It is the only coffee robot with excellent quality certified by the five major international qualifications such as the United States, the European Union, and the Commonwealth. It is the first coffee robot from China to be exported to developed countries in Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East.

    (10) It has created a new business model: convenient mobility, almost zero site selection risk, zero store closure loss, and zero investment risk, making loss-making coffee shops a thing of the past.

    Only four countries and seven companies worldwide have been able to develop robot coffee kiosks, and COFE+ Robot Coffee Kiosk is a leader in this field. This popular and fully intelligent robot coffee kiosk, COFE+, occupies less than 2.5 square meters and offers two types of coffee beans, two cup sizes, and three temperature options (hot, cold, and iced). Customers can customize their beverages by choosing the strength, temperature, sweetness, flavor, ice level, and toppings. It not only grinds coffee beans on the spot but also freshly prepares a variety of Western-style milk tea, Japanese matcha, chocolate drinks, and dairy-based beverages, offering more than 50 flavors in total. It operates 24/7, features a fully enclosed and sterilized environment, and showcases transparent production processes. COFE+ can be considered a new species in the new economy and a new evolution in the new format of business.

    Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Robot Technology Co., Ltd., a "new species" of black technology, has a great start. Core team are graduated from fudan, USke, Harbin Institute of Technology, tongji university, Chinese Academy of Sciences, European and American colleges and universities, worked in huawei, sany heavy industry, library card robot, chang and other famous multinational enterprises, scientific research operation and actual combat experience, has the Internet, artificial intelligence, chain services genes and rich experience, is the world's earliest engaged in robot coffee pavilion, robot dessert shop, service robot, cleaning robot research and development team.

    Is the domestic artificial intelligence and Internet + leader, is also a postdoctoral scientific research workstation in Shanghai. The company has won many awards at home and abroad, with more than 70 domestic and foreign patents outstanding. After the birth of the product, many national and local leaders have visited the inspection and guidance, and have been specially invited by the people's Congress and the CPPCC to show artificial intelligence into life. Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, Wall Street media and other special reported the stories.

    Compared to traditional coffee shops, COFE+ Robot Coffee Kiosks have significantly reduced daily operating costs by 90%, increased business hours by more than 2 times, and extended service life by more than 2 times. With a single refill, it can continuously produce 300 cups of large-sized beverages, requiring only 30 minutes of maintenance and replenishment time per day. One employee can manage 10 robot coffee kiosks, and each machine has a lifespan of up to 10 years. This not only solves the challenges faced by physical coffee shops, but also promotes low-carbon, low-consumption, and environmentally friendly practices. It's a revolutionary disruption and a perfect embodiment of technology!

    Currently, COFE+ Robot Coffee Kiosks have been deployed in multiple countries in North America, Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and various cities in China. They can be found in government buildings, hospitals, universities, airports, shopping centers, tourist attractions, and pedestrian streets, serving customers with the expertise of COFE+ Robot Coffee Masters. With its champion quality and affordable price, it has received widespread praise from consumers. COFE+ fully intelligent robot coffee, which is sparking a transformation in the physical economy worldwide. The presence of robot coffee masters serving humanity, working for humans for free, and enabling people to enjoy a better life is becoming a reality.

    COFE+ is not only synonymous with high-quality and affordable coffee, but also a milestone in the transformation of the physical industry. It represents China's leading position in global manufacturing, a "cup" that showcases excellence.

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