World Barista Champion He Hongcao Gives Thumbs Up to COFE+ Robot


    Recently, the COFE+ robot created by Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Robot Technology Co., Ltd. has attracted widespread attention from the industry and consumers alike. In the collision of technology and humanity, COFE+ robot cafes have brought a whole new coffee experience to modern urban dwellers. This time, the highly acclaimed fifth-generation COFE+ robot, freshly Ground Coffee , received high praise from renowned barista He Hongcao.

    He Hongcao, a well-known Chinese barista, roaster, and judge, is hailed as the "magician of the coffee world" and enjoys great respect in the industry. He has won numerous accolades in international coffee competitions, bringing honor and pride to Chinese coffee. As a seasoned barista, He Hongcao has extremely strict requirements for coffee quality. In his view, a good cup of coffee requires not only exquisite roasting skills but also meticulous control over the entire process, from selecting and grinding the coffee beans to extracting the perfect brew.

    When he learned about the launch of the new generation COFE+ robot that grinds coffee beans on demand, He Hongcao expressed great anticipation. He believes that the combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship contributes to the popularization and improvement of coffee quality. After personally tasting the COFE+ robot's freshly ground coffee, He Hongcao gave it high praise.

    "The quality of COFE+ robot's freshly ground coffee truly surprised me. It has a rich, full-bodied flavor that is unforgettable," He Hongcao said. He noted that the COFE+ robot demonstrates a high level of professionalism in the extraction process, even rivaling the handcrafted brewing skills of top baristas.

    As a perfect blend of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, COFE+ robot's freshly ground coffee not only amazes people but also showcases the development of our era. It utilizes innovative efoam AI automatic milk frothing technology, excellent cold milk foam, hot milk foam, and intelligent iced milk foam technologies, a unique AI hand-shaking fusion latte art algorithm, as well as precise fluid pump technology accurate to 1% gram or milliliter. These features ensure the coffee delivers the best taste and flavor.

    The success of COFE+ robot's freshly ground coffee is the result of Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Robot Technology's in-depth research into coffee culture and continuous technological innovation. It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Robot Technology is composed of a group of industry-experienced baristas, all of whom graduated from prestigious universities such as Fudan, USTC, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tongji, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and renowned multinational companies like Huawei, Sany Heavy Industry, KUKA Robotics, and Dachangxing. With rich experience in scientific research, operations, and practical work, they possess a strong background in the internet, artificial intelligence, and chain service industry. They are one of the earliest research and development teams globally engaged in robot coffee kiosks, robot dessert shops, service robots, and cleaning robots. They are a leading enterprise in Shanghai in the fields of artificial intelligence and the Internet Plus, and also a Shanghai postdoctoral research workstation. Not only do they have a deep understanding of coffee, but they also infuse their love for coffee into every detail of their products.

    Faced with such high-quality coffee, He Hongcao expressed his delight in seeing technology bring such significant changes to the coffee industry. He believes that COFE+ robot's freshly ground coffee not only elevates the overall quality of the industry but also allows more people to taste authentic freshly ground coffee.

    With the development of technology, more and more traditional industries are integrating with technology, and the coffee industry is no exception. The emergence of COFE+ robot's freshly ground coffee is the perfect fusion of technology and traditional craftsmanship, bringing a new experience to the coffee industry and consumers. Through continuous innovation, COFE+ robot's freshly ground coffee has gained wide recognition from consumers worldwide. In the future, COFE+ will continue to carry forward its passion for coffee and bring more wonderful experiences to coffee lovers worldwide.

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    In conclusion, the praise from renowned barista He Hongcao for COFE+ robot's freshly ground coffee undoubtedly affirms the efforts of the COFE+ team. In the integration of technology and traditional craftsmanship, COFE+ robot's freshly ground coffee injects new vitality into the coffee industry, allowing more people to enjoy the delicious, environmentally friendly, and convenient experience of freshly ground coffee. In the future, COFE+ robot's freshly ground coffee will continue to shine and lead the way in the global coffee industry.


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